What do you do when you clean a computer?

When we clean a computer, we focus on the touch points (ie. the keyboard and mouse) and the monitor. We remove all of the dust, debris and food from beneath the keys. All grease and grime due to continual hand contact is also removed - not just from the tops of the keys but between the keys too, as well as from the mouse ball and rollers. The touch points are restored to a near-new hygienic condition. The dust is removed from monitor vents and finger marks are removed from the screen. Any pen marks and residual sticker glue are also removed.

An internal clean is only recommended for computers located in relatively dusty and dirty environments. Dust and debris will clog air vents and create an insulation layer over senstive componentry. An impeded airflow results in an over-heated and under-performing computer. This service involves removing all dust and debris from external case vents can crevices. We open the computer case, vacuum the case interior and remove dust and debris from the motherboard and other components, as well as blow dust out of the power supply unit.

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