What Cleaning Cycle Should We Have?

This depends on the type of equipment, the amount of use and the surrounding environment. The frequency of cleaning is up to you, and whilst we can provide recommendation, whatever frequency suits your needs best is what we'll do.

We recommend a cleaning cycle of once every 3 months for equipment located in factories, warehouses, workshops and depots. This is due to the higher incidence of airborne particles and general grease and grime from a relatively dirtier environment. .

Equipment located in call centres, trading and dealing rooms, customer service centres and public areas also benefit from a regular cleaning cycle. This is due to a relatively high frequency and intensity of use. We recommend a cleaning cycle of once every 3  - 6 months to maintain cleanliness.

We also clean on a 'one off' basis which is great if your office has been renovated and your equipment is covered in building dust. We can also clean out any dust and debris from the insides of  your computer.

Most dedicated server rooms benefit from a clean every 3 or 6 months. Our operators are trained to work in such environments without disruption to your equipment.

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